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"In the province of the mind

there are no limits".

Neuroscientist & Psychoanalyst Dr. John C. Lilly

Elevate your business to incredible success levels

"If we did the things we are capable of,    we would astound ourselves".  Thomas Edison

About us

Limitless Mind Institute was founded in canton Zug, Switzerland to respond to new life style trends and new psychological needs of modern companies and individuals. It is the first Institute of Psychology and Cognitive Science in Switzerland that in its daily practice employs a unique combination of scientific approaches & AI-powered technology to improve productivity and psychological well-being of the global workforce.

As the core business, we focus on diagnostics, consulting and psychological counseling of individuals, teams and organizations.

Our exclusive solution - Wealth Psychology & Wealth Counseling was specifically designed to improve productivity and psychological well-being of individuals dealing with wealth questions. Limitless Mind Institute is dedicated to continuously support institutions by offering tailor-made solutions in Organizational Psychology and Cognitive Science. 

Limitless Mind Institute is also a member of Limitless Mind Alliance.

Services for Organizations

We offer our services both in-person and remotely. Counseling is also available over a weekend, outside of office hours and at a customer's location. 

Privacy and confidentiality guaranteed.

Wealth Counseling

“Get rich fast and get poor fast are opposing sides of the same coin.”― Daniel Crosby

Successful Wealth Management is not just looking after the money. More than anything, it should also account for the emotional health and well-being of both sides – a professional wealth management service provider and a wealth owner.


This Exclusive Service is most suitable for:


  • (Ultra) High-Net-Worth Individuals / Heirs

  • Wealth / Assets / Investment Managers and Family Office Managers

  • Investment Bankers and Venture Capitalists

  • Cryptocurrency / Stock / Currency / Derivatives Traders and Private Investors

  • Estate Attorneys, Accountants and Financial Advisors / Planners

  • Start-up Founders, C-Suite Executives and Entrepreneurs.


  • Assets / Wealth Management firms

  • Hedge Funds and Family Offices

  • Investment Banks and (Alternative) Investment companies

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital firms

  • Estate Attorneys and Financial Advisory / Accounting / Planning firms

  • Insurance companies

  • Cryptocurrency, Stock, Commodity and Derivatives Exchanges.

Limitless Mind Institute offers innovative AI-powered interactive digital solutions with the goal to make organizations more efficient.

 Brian - AI-Powered Interactive Digital Trainer / Presenter

Ideal for: all type of organizations incl. startups / corporate teams, marketers, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, students and individual presenters as well as everybody who wants to present their content remotely in a very innovative and interactive way saving both their and their audience's time.

    Brian - AI-Powered Interactive Digital Assistant

Ideal for: all type of organizations, hotels, shops, supermarkets etc.

 Brian - AI-Powered Interactive Digital Waiter

Ideal for: cafes, restaurants, companies’ canteens, schools, various sport clubs etc.

       Brian - AI-Powered Interactive Digital Concierge

Ideal for: all type of organizations, hotels, shops, supermarkets, organizations of various exhibitions, major events and conferences, administrators of large office and residential buildings and skyscrapers as well as place allocation in the shared offices. Also it is suitable for a new employee on-boarding and an ideal location finder in large supermarkets, conferences and exhibitions. 

General Benefits:

  • Brings high value when a social distancing is necessary;

  • Saves organization’s customers time;

  • Saves organization’s employees time and reduces staff costs;

  • Available 24/7;

  • Due to interactivity is considered as an excellent marketing measure:

    • increases the traffic on your organization’s website;

    • during inactivity times from the customer’s size Brian not only promotes your company / it’s products or services but also is able to tell you jokes.

  • Browser based (no app installation is needed);

  • Runs on IOS, Android and desktop or touchscreen's browsers. It can also be installed as a kiosk. Depending on the particular solution, it can run in Virtual and/or Augmented Reality making;

  • General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) compliant;

  • Emphasis on security and privacy;

  • Many other benefits both for organizations and the users related to particular solution.

Highly customizable (General Customizations):

  • Possibility to customize the appearance of the digital human;

  • Possibility to include background music, recreate actual organization's interior / exterior as well as additional company's branding;

  • Possibility to customize the appearance of the digital human;

  • Naturally sounding real-time 3D voice available in 29 languages and 59 dialects;

  • Many other options of customization options related to particular solution.

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