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"There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so "

― William Shakespeare.

Receive guidance and support in relaxation. Calm down and relax with the help of virtual relaxation methods. One of our unique solution for improving stress management and resilience offers a personalized counseling service supported by Virtual Reality to individual customers and/ or groups. 


What`s in it for me?

  • Learn: Traditional and modern means of relaxation

  • Consider: Holistic approach to relaxation

  • Experience: Progressive muscle relaxation

  • Experience: Guided Imagery and visualization

  • Experience: Relaxation with Virtual Reality

  • Assess: Pre- and post-relaxation evaluations and insights

  • Incorporate: Self-help relaxation options

What to expect during sessions?

  • During the initial session expect to spend some time on introduction, discussion and analysis of your relaxation needs

  • Depending the focus and your choice upcoming sessions will be set up for relaxation session supported by Virtual Reality

  • Face-to-face individual or group sessions (or a combination of both)

  • Duration of each daily session – 75 min

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